Photography by Leriam Gonzalez

Wearing:  Anjé Cashmere Sweat – Anjé Cropped Wide-Leg Cropped Pants (N/A) Burberry Sunglasses – Gucci Pumps (N/A) – JORD Watch 

When, I saw Anjé’s wide-leg cropped pants I couldn’t resist trying them on. I fell in love with the ruffles at the waistline and the length was perfect. Since the wide-leg cropped pants are super voluminous, I decided to wear a fitted v-neck cashmere sweater (also from Anjé) to balance out my outfit. One of the tricks I learned over the years is to always balance your top and lower halves for a more flattering look. I even went super simple with my jewelry as well, with my JORD watch. I still can’t believe JORD watches are so stylish despite being made out of wood (if you follow the link above ^ you can receive a discount on your first order).