Photography by Leriam Gonzalez

Wearing:  Burberry Trench Coat– Maje Dress–  Gucci Pumps 

Happy 2016! I am starting off this year with a timeless item from my closet, the classic trench. Ever since I bought my classic trench, I wear it all the time to get a chic look. Everybody should at least have a trench or two in their closest. I try my best to buy items that I could use for long term (investment pieces) and remember quality is better than quantity. But also taking care of your items plays a big role how long they last. Squelch (a natural scent less odor/stain remover) has helped me keep my closet in good condition and  it’s great to have in your purse.  Squelch has  definitely become a life saver for me since I am always out and about in NYC.

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