For some time now, statement sleeves have been in everywhere and it has come to stay.
Statement sleeves is a fun way to make a statement, it draws attention to any outfit and it makes the outfit exciting.
I’ve been enjoying this trend a lot lately so don’t be surprised if you see more blog posts on this trend.

There are numerous options when it comes to statement sleeves, they come in different sizes and shapes.
Oversized bell, a feminine and flirty ruffled style or an elongated, tailored sleeve. I personally love any statement sleeve with the right outfit. Depending on how strong the details are on the sleeve I like to keep the bottom simple.

Photography by Mathilde Bresson

I styled this look by making ruffled the statement of my outfit. Personally, I always find it best to pick a statement item and style around that item. For the bottom, I decided to go with flare jeans since they aren’t too flared they don’t collide with my top.