New York Fashion Week is a fun time when the fashion industry gets together and see future trends. Every season, NYFW makes me remember how grateful I am to be in an industry I love. Yes, it gets a little hacked, especially during the winter when it’s freezing cold and/or snowing and you’re trying to make it to your shows in time. However, all the good times override the bad times.

I started my NYFW a day early because this season I walked down the runway for the first annual #aNewNYFW  fashion show. The proceeds of which went to The Nylon Project, a charity that is trying to fight the rising NYC homelessness.Then, NYFW was in full swing, with 5 or more events almost every single day. The ShopStyle Social House is always nice because it’s a great place to catch up and meet new people. It’s also an amazing place to relax and to energize for the busy day ahead.

Photography by Jason Jean

One of the shows I look forward to every season is Leanne Marshall. She won Project Runway Season 5 and I’ve been a fan ever since. Her designs are full of feminine details that never disappoint!

Until next season NYFW! 

Wearing: ATS THE LABEL Top   –  Abercrombie & Fitch Jeans  –  Zara Heels