It has been a long time since I wrote a blog post. So many things have changed!
To start off with, I apologize for not updating my blog regularly. I missed you, but life can get so busy and while I’ve had so many ideas, I wanted to wait to update my blog with quality content.

Now that everything is a bit more settled in my life, I am happy to announce that I will be updating my blog more. If you’re not already apart of the family, you can follow me on Instagram for more updates!

Photography by Leriam Gonzalez

What’s going on with me? I recently moved from New York City to Los Angeles. NYC is an amazing place and I am grateful to have grown up there but I wanted a change so that’s why I moved. I’ve always enjoyed the warm weather so moving to LA when it was winter in NYC was pretty convenient 🙂 . LA has this cool laid back vibe to it which is also pretty nice. There is so much to explore on the West Coast and I can’t wait to bring you guys along.