Photography by Leriam Gonzalez

This look is from my 1st post, POLKA DOT DRESS.

After working as a stylist and personal shopper while going to school for fashion design, I decided to create a personal style blog, dMg Simplicity, to inspire more people with my effortless style. Yes, it was difficult trying to balance everything, but I enjoyed what I was doing and knowing through the emails, social media, etc that my readers enjoyed reading my posts was my motivation. My first year as a blogger has been a learning curve for sure. No matter what I did, I always stuck to my motto “Keep it simple but in a interesting way, simplicity chic.” My blog has become more than my fashion diary; it has become a reflection of my life, and that’s why I am expending dMg Simplicity into a fashion and lifestyle blog. I hope you enjoy all the changes.