The other day, I was looking at pictures from my last trip to the Dominican Republic and I couldn’t help wishing that I was back on that beautiful Caribbean Island, drinking fresh squeezed juice and just relaxing. It feels like home every time in I go to the Dominican Republic (and yes, even though I wasn’t raised there, I was born there, so maybe that’s why it feels like home every time I visit). The people are always so welcoming, the food is to die for, even if you are vegan, and the beaches are stunning. I have traveled to the Dominican Republic many times and I fall in love every single time I go.

There are so many things to do in the Dominican Republic; during my last trip, I only went to few of my favorite places:

1.Altos de Chavó

16th Century villas located in the Dominican Republic’s countryside where you can find restaurants, art exhibits, and shops.


It’s known to be a “deserted island”  with wonderful beaches and views. What I love the most is having a beach all to yourself.

3.Saona Island

Another island that will take your breath away. It’s not as deserted as Catalina Island, but you’ll still have an amazing time snorkeling, swimming, etc.

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